About Us

It’s never a bad thing to know the ones who created your favorite apps. The same happens with trading apps. Learning more things about us may help you understand why we added some of the features on the trading app. Keep reading this page to know us more!

Who Are We

As you may have guessed, we are the Bitcoin Inform developers. More importantly, we are a group of traders who started just as you did. We didn’t know how to trade, let alone make market predictions. It took us a lot of time to learn the basics of trading.

That’s because no one wanted to help us improve our trading skills. Apart from that, most trading apps were scams. We fell for some of them, but that didn’t make us give up. Our love for trading made us keep up with our dreams of becoming professional traders.

After doing our best and dedicating our lives to it, we made it. However, we didn’t want people to go through the same struggles we did. That’s the reason we started developing our own trading software.

The development process was not easy. Yet, we wanted to help both beginners and professionals to improve their trading skills without stressing out that much. We finally made it, so you can enjoy the features of Bitcoin Inform by signing up now!

Our Vision

The only thing on our minds when we developed Bitcoin Inform was to improve the trading experience of traders. The software’s features focus on that goal, so don’t doubt that trading with this trading bot makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

We know there is always something to improve about our trading app, so we keep making updates to help you improve your trading skills.

What’s Next?

We haven’t stopped working. Our goal is to provide you with the best trading bot you can find on the market. Everyone’s trading experience should be nice and comfortable, so we have testers use our trading bot every day. Those testers tell us what we need to improve and the features that may help this bot to make you feel better while trading.

This is the best moment to start trading, so make sure to take your shot at this opportunity!